When we set about creating Liquidstate Freediving for years ago, fresh from the vibrant and social Asian freediving scene, we had this big idea of building a freediving community amongst the locals. We wanted to train Fijian divers who show enthusiasm and talent. In Fiji, rugby is religion. It is a way to fame and fortune for young man from villages, much like running is in Kenya. Other sports never make it to the public eye.

Our progress in promoting the sport locally has been, to say it bluntly, glacial.

Alas we are not dissuaded.

As a circuitous way to the create interest in freediving, we are trying to promote safe spearfishing practices, so maybe, just maybe one or the other local lad or lass will develop an affinity to deep-diving for deep-diving’s sake. We really don’t have the population density to ever hope to have a thriving freediving community like Asia.

Instead we have other things to be grateful for, like calm,deep blue water, close to the shore with no current or boat traffic (or masses of freedivers), healthy fish and coral life.